The Second Day Film

The Second Day  Film

At age 11, Brook Peters decided to make a film about September 11th and its aftermath to give his fellow students and teachers at Ground Zero area schools a chance to share with the world their experiences. The Second Day is his touching and inspirational documentary, completed when he was 14. Brook and the film have been featured in national and international press.

“A great documentary reveals, educates and inspires. Brook Peters’ film does all three, while making your heart break and your soul rise.”

Show Your Strength Campaign

Show Your StrengthThe experience of living through September 11th taught Brook how to harness his inner strength and become a more resilient person. He created this film to help show others that it’s possible to tap that strength and resilience to come through difficult challenges. People from around the world responded with their personal stories of hope and strength, and the band Simple Plan provided the music track.